We have finally come up with our group travel product.. After the initiative for #travel4naijateachers, @teachers2can @off_to_dubai we thought to find a group travel name that would cater for the general public

Introducing ‘TAXIDI’, taxidi is a greek word for Travel.

A group travel that will give you and your team the opportunity to experience, explore and enjoy the culture/scenic beauties of divers destination, without breaking the bank.

So bring your group and friends lets connect with great concerts, foodie feasts, shopping festivals and networking.

This group tour is suitable for actors, artistes, musicians, foodies, shoppers, traders, millenials, families (reunion, anniversary/celebration bash),etc.
As a travel company we will strive to always be wherever you’ll need us.

Let’s taxidi! *be careful to pronounce the letter D as V*😎

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